Sunday, September 5, 2010

What advice would Sun Tzu give an audience of business leaders today?

I just finished the audiobook of Sun Tzu's classic "The Art of War", which you can download from iTunes for 4 dollars.

Sun Tzu clearly understood battle tactics, but I must say that the hundreds of times that I've heard this book referred to as a business strategy must read is total hype. If you believe the hype that this book will reveal the secrets of a winning business plan, marketing strategy, salesforce motivational piece, and operational competitiveness...don't pay more than 4 bucks for it. It's a fine 1 hour listen. You can decide for yourself how best to adapt Sun Tzu's advice on where to camp relative to the sun, terrain, and weather conditions for your next corporate SWOT analysis.

Have you read or listened to the book? What was your impression?

Other than excellent tactical advice for a military general, how do you think Sun Tzu's wisdom relates to today's business leaders and managers?

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