Friday, March 18, 2011

"Building a Business" is a very good series of podcast seminars for entrepreneurs

I recommend the podcast series "Building a Business" for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own business. This is true regardless of what industry you're in and is definitely appropriate for someone interested in starting a biotech/med device company. This podcast series is freely available from iTunesU and is a set of recordings of entrepreneurship lectures from Oxford University.

The series provides 9 very nice overviews on key topic areas, including:
Writing a business plan
Intellectual property
Negotiation skills
Venture Capital deals

Each seminar has a different presenter, so they do vary in quality and clarity. Overall, they are all a good listen and very informative. I particularly enjoyed the podcasts entitled "Taking the First Steps", "Intellectual Property", "Negotiation Skills", and "Entrepreneurship and the Ideal Business Plan".

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